Condition Monitoring/Precision Maintenance Training

Course Description

This course is designed to train Maintenance Personnel, with a “Hands On” approach, to understanding and applying precision maintenance skills and condition monitoring techniques and make decisions from the measurements regarding equipment condition. The purpose of this course is to prepare the students to effectively use Modern Maintenance Tools (Infrared Spot Radiometers, Infrared Imaging, Precision Balancing, Vibration Analysis, Precision Alignment, Strobe Lights, Multi- Meters, Ultrasonic Listening devices) to monitor plant equipment and make decisions regarding equipment condition.

Course Length

32 hours

Class Size

Maximum 8 participants


This class is recommended for those actively employed as Maintenance Personnel.

Instructional Methods

Methods: Class room discussion and “hands on” application using simulators and “real time” measurements on plant equipment using the tools supplied by the Client Organization

Exams/Quizzes: Pre/Post Test, In-class exercises, simulations and demonstration of skills during “real time” application on plant equipment. (Safety will be our top priority for these demonstrations, must be cleared by plant safety personnel prior to demonstrations)


  • Introduction to Machinery Measurements, Torque, Tension and Amperage
  • Belt and Chain Alignment Techniques
  • Proper Tensioning Procedures and Standards for Industrial Belts
  • Installing and Properly Adjusting Chain Tension
  • The Spot Radiometer as an inspection tool to enhance the Maintenance Process
  • Strobe Lights as used as a Mechanical Inspection Tool
  • Precision Alignment, the importance of Precision Machinery Alignment
  • What is Soft Foot and how to test for it and correct it
  • Vibration Analysis as an Inspection Tool for Precision Maintenance
  • Determining the source or Root Cause of the Vibration
  • Tracing the Path of a Vibration to correct a problem.
  • Unbalance as a Machinery Running Problem
  • Using Heat Thermography as a Machinery Inspection Tool
  • Using Heat Thermography for Trending Equipment Failures
  • Ultrasonic Analysis as a Precision Maintenance Tool
  • The Importance of Record Keeping in developing a Precision Maintenance Program

Performance Objectives

  • Understanding how to improve Maintenance Inspections with the usage of the various Precision Maintenance Inspection Tools
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of how to improve Maintenance Procedures through the use of Technology
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement a Machinery Inspection Program and identify triggers to create work request to immediate response to protect assets.
  • Describe the “tactical approach” to inspections using the senses of look, listen, feel and smell.
  • Correctly Demonstrate Proper Chain and Belt Tensioning Procedures
  • Demonstrate the use of Ultrasonic tools to troubleshoot equipment (i.e. detect leaks and monitor slow rotating equipment, pumps, etc.)
  • Understanding the need to Correctly Torque and Tension Fasteners
  • Demonstrate the proper usage of a Multi-Meter to Troubleshoot Working Amperages
  • Demonstrate the use of the strobe light to inspect rotating equipment (inspection of coupling, sprockets, measurement of RPM, belt condition, etc)
  • Understanding the importance of Record Keeping in regards to Machinery Maintenance Program