Industrial Process Control & Instrumentation/Level One Process
Measurement & Control Fundamentals

Course Description

This 32-hour training program uses a hands-on approach providing students with a fundamental understanding of industrial process measurement and control systems. Participants will learn the basic measurement and control principles, terminology, symbols and documentation standards. In addition students will perform hands- on exercises with actual industrial temperature, pressure, flow, level measurement and control devices to gain experience in how to set up and troubleshoot a process control system.

Topical Outline

  • Introduction to ISA documentation standards
    - Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
    - Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs)
    - Loop Diagrams
    - Location Plans
    - Installation Details
  • Test Equipment
    - Calibrators
    - Digital Multimeters
    - Power Supplies
  • Signals
    - Analog: voltage, milliamps
    - Digital: on/off, digital data
    - Wiring basics
  • Elements of a Process Control Loop
    - PV-Process Variable
    - MV-Manipulated Variable
    - C-Controller
  • Temperature Measurement
    - Thermocouples
    - RTDs
    - Thermometers
    - Infrared
    - Characteristics
    - Thermowell
    - Transmitters
  • Pressure Measurement
    - Gauges
    - Transmitters
    - Block & Bleed Valves
  • Flow Measurement
    - DP Meters
    - Turbine Meters
    - Pd Meters
    - Variable Area Meters
  • Level Measurement
    - Float Gauges
    - Static Head Gauges
    - Sounding Gauges
  • Control Valves
    - Types
    - Accessories
    - Sizing
  • Basic Troubleshooting


This is an entry level course & requires only that participants be familiar with industrial manufacturing processes.

Course Length

36 hours




Persons successfully completing this course will be able to:

  • Understand the role of measurement and control in industrial processes.
  • Read and interpret the documents used to define instruments and control systems.
  • Convert the various process measurement units, English and Metric
  • Use basic calibration and test equipment.
  • Know the fundamental principles, equipment and techniques for the four primary industrial process measurements of temperature, pressure, level, flow.
  • Build, test, operate and troubleshoot a simple feedback control loop.