ALLEN-BRADLEY Kinetix Servo Drives Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Course Description

This 20-hour training program is designed to provide maintenance electricians and engineers with the required knowledge and skills to install, start-up and troubleshoot Allen-Bradley Kinetix Servo Drive systems. Emphasis is on understanding drive functions, normal operation, and troubleshooting. Students will locate power, signal and control terminals, monitor drive conditions, clear faults and be able to replace a servo drive, and troubleshoot drive and servo problems.

Topical Outline

  • Introduction to Servo Control
    - Methods of Servo control
    - Closed loop motion axis
  • Power and Signal Wiring
  • Servo Installation/Replacement
    - Motor Feedback Polarities
  • Control Options
    - Controllogix Motion Control via Kinetix drives
  • Integrated Motion
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fault Identification and Clearing
  • Troubleshooting Charts and Corrective Action
  • PLC Operation
  • Discrete Inputs and Outputs from Kinetix


A basic understanding of AC motor operation.

Electrical control and safety

Allen-Bradley PLC ladder logic and remote I/O.

Open and closed loop position control systems.

Course Length

20 hours


  • Recognize Kinetix Servo Drive components
  • Identify input and output power, control and signal terminals
  • Install/Replace and perform initial start-up of the servo system
  • Monitor and set servo parameters using the PLC interface
  • Troubleshoot drive and motor faults
  • Correlate Drive-PLC inputs, outputs and data transfers
  • Use troubleshooting charts to isolate drive problems
  • Use ladder logic software to monitor and set parameters and troubleshoot problems