Field Welding and Fabrication

Course Description

Platform - In this course the students will learn how to lay out and fabricate a platform complete with stairs and handrails using OSHA approved standards. The students will learn how mark and cut pipe joints so that they fit properly, making welding quicker and easier. They will also learn how to use patterns developed by using parallel line development methods.

Chutes - Students will learn how to “field fit” a conveyor discharge chute that has odd angles quickly and efficiently using a soap stone and tape measure to mark and layout their pieces.

Guards - This section of the class will be devoted to guard design and development. Students will learn how to measure, layout and fabricate guards.

Course Length

Day One - Introduction of instructor, Safety discussion, discussion of lay out methods, begin laying out the platform, stairs, and handrails.

Day Two - Continued discussion on layout methods, continue cutting fitting and welding of platform and stairs.

Day Three - completion of platform, stairs and handrails.

Day Four; Discussion on chute design, layout methods, layout flanges and fabricate chutes.

Day Five - Guard design and attachment methods, fabricate chutes.


Students must be open minded and willing to participate in all aspects of this course.