Thermography and Quantifiable Surveys

Course Description

This 24-hour hands-on training program is designed to provide maintenance technicians and engineers with the required knowledge and skills to initiate and execute a quantified thermal imaging survey. Emphasis is on understanding imager functions and the principles upon which they operate.

Topical Outline

  1. Thermometry Fundamentals
    • Temperature scales and conversions
    • Absolute and relative temperatures
    • Classes and benefits of contact thermometers
    • Classes and benefits of non-contact thermometers
    • Identifying and reducing errors
  2. Welding Repair and Fabrication Procedures
    • Advanced IR Theory
    • Units for measuring radiant power
    • Relationship between power and temperature
    • Planck’s blackbody curves
  3. Temperature Measurement Error Sources and Corrections
    • Calibration
    • Reflectance
    • Emittance
    • Transmittance
    • Target Width/Distance Ratios
  4. Traceable Temperature Limits: How Hot is Too Hot
    • Delta-T classifications
    • Developing limits for your equipment
  5. Preparing Quantitative Reports
    • Data to gather
    • Report procedures
    • Image processing software capabilities
    • Report generation software capabilities



Course Length

24 hours


  • Understand Temperature scales and relationships
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize a thermal imager
  • Identify and eliminate reflected thermal energy
  • Demonstrate an understanding of emissivity
  • Be able to complete a thermographic survey and document the results.