General Maintenance Welding

Course Description

This workshop is structured to teach skills that upgrade competency and/or cross train individuals in welding techniques. The content of each segment can be customized according to the specific needs of each group. The length of each segment (shop practice time) will need to be extended in proportion to the proficiency desired of the individuals within each group. The length will also be affected by the type (sheet metals, plate, pipe) metals, the kind of metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum) and the welding positions to be learned.


Participants should possess at least an entry level knowledge of welding

Course Length

40 hours

Topical Outline

  • Safety Hazards and Precautions
    •   Combustibles
    •   Transporting and Handling Welding Cylinders
    •   Operating Regulators and Regulator Flow Meters
    •   Oxy-Fuel Heating, Soldering and Brazing
    •   Cutting – Oxy-Fuel and Plasma
    •   Electric Welding – Arc
    •   Arc Gouging
  •   Welding Repair and Fabrication Procedures
    •   Weld Quality-Inspecting Weld Nomenclature and Basic Weld Symbols
    • Basic Metallurgy and Metal Identification Procedures
    •   Metal Preparation, Weld Sizing, and Bead Placement
    •   Welds, Bend Testing
    • Oxy-Fuel and Plasma Cutting
    • Equipment Set-up
    • Torch Positioning and Manipulation
    • Procedures for Piercing Holes, Beveling and Cutting Shapes
    • Inspecting Cuts and Troubleshooting Bad Cuts
  •   SMAW (Arc) Welding
    •   Equipment Set-up, Operation and Shut Down
    •   Filler Metal Selection
    •   Welding Technique – Hand Positioning and Electrode Manipulation
    • Procedures for making Groove and Fillet Welds in All Positions
    • Inspecting Welding and Troubleshooting Weld Defects.


At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand welding and cutting equipment safety
  • Perform welding repair and fabrication procedures related to plant maintenance
  • Understand the proper procedures for using cutting and gouging equipment to prepare weld joints
  • Properly use Arc equipment to make welds in all positions on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum which meet the company quality standards.