Factory Talk® View - (RSView) ME Level 1

Software Used: Windows XP operating system with RSView ME Studio, and RSView ME Runtime, and RSLogix

Course Description

This 32 hour course is designed to give the students the ability to troubleshoot, create, and deploy Factory Talk® View ME projects on industrial terminals. At the end of the class students will understand how to trace objects on the RSView terminal through a PLC program, modify existing objects on any display, and create new objects when needed. We will use the PLC of your choice for the training: SLC-500, PLC-5, or ControlLogix. Students who attend this course will not only troubleshoot objects, but actually configure them so they will have a full understanding of what it takes to make an object interface with the PLC.

Topical Outline

  • Introduction to Factory Talk® (RSView) ME
  • Open a plant project
  • Create a new project
  • Add simple text objects
  • Configure new display screens, and navigation
  • Trace naviation in your actual plant projects
  • Testing the project in a runtime environment
  • Configure communication to the PLC
  • Create objects which interface with the PLC
  • Use HMI Tags to derive values with Expressions
  • Set up Animation on graphics
  • View the animation on various objects in the plant project
  • Trend Analog Data
  • Set up Alarms to trigger at various thresholds
  • Log Historical Data
  • Secure a screen
  • Deploy the project
  • Modify and Deploy an Existing project
  • Practice tracing objects in your plant project through your actual PLC code.


A basic understanding of a window-based operating system is required. Students who attend this class should also have a good understanding of PLC ladder logic and addressing.

Course Information

Length: 32 Hours
Course Number: PLC-A170
3.2 Continuing Education Units (CEU's)
Maximum Participants: 10 Students


Persons completing this course will be able to:

  • Troubleshoot MMI Communication Issues
  • Create and Deploy RSView ME Projects
  • Modify Display Objects
  • Configure Animation on Display Objects
  • Navigate between Display Screens
  • Set up and Modify Events and Alarms
  • Log Historical Data
  • Trend Analog Data
  • Secure Display Screens