Allen-Bradley PLC 5 Level 1-Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Software Used: RSLogix 5, AI 5, or 6200

Course Description

This is a customized workshop in which we use the projects from your own equipment as examples for practice. Participants attending this workshop will learn how to set up communication with processor, go online with the project, and locate an output that will not energize such as a solenoid or relay. They will then learn how to trace the output through the program to determine root cause of a problem, and find out why the PLC is not calling for the output to energize. During this process, participants will learn about instructions in the PLC, and other troubleshooting tools that are available to minimize downtime.


Comfortable operating in Microsoft Windows environment.

Course Length

32 hours


Persons completing this course will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to set up communications between the PLC5 and the computer
  • Demonstrate the ability to edit ladder logic using the appropriate software
  • Identify and repair system faults
  • Create and use data tables
  • Demonstrate correct file structure techniques
  • Correctly perform backup and restore processes
  • Demonstrate the ability to use search routines to locate items within a project.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use software troubleshooting tools