Basic Problems Solving

Course Description

This class will develop the knowledge and skills needed to follow a comprehensive problem solving process that will enable participant to identify the true root cause of a problem. Common tools used in effective problem resolution will be utilized.


  • Explain comprehensive problems solving.
  • Communicate the benefits of a comprehensive problem solving approach.
  • Apply common tools used in problem solving.
  • Apply the problem solving techniques to a client specified problem.


  1. Introduction
    • Welcome and Overview
  2. Benefits of comprehensive problem solving
  3. Common problem solving tools
    • Brainstorming to generate a list of ideas
      Activity – example problem
    • Flowcharting to illustrate a process
      Activity – example problem
    • Tally Sheets to capture data
      Activity – example problem
    • Pareto Charts to show the issues in ranking order
      Activity – example problem
    • Run Charts to plot data over time
      Activity – example problem
    • Cause and Effect Diagrams to organize potential causes of a problem
      Activity – example problem
    • The 5-Why Technique to assist in identifying the root cause
      Activity – example problem
    • 5Ws-2Hs Analysis to assist in describing the problem
      Activity – example problem
    • Action Plans to identify what needs to be done, when and by whom
      Activity – example problem
  4. Comprehensive problem solving model introduction
  5. Customer supplied Problem Solving – applying what we learned

Course Length

Instruction - 4 hours
Application – 3 hours addressing customer supplied problem

Class Size

Mininum: 3
Maximum: 20