Electricity for Non-Electricians

Course Description

This course is designed to provide a functional understanding of electrical circuits and devices; and how to safely trouble shoot and repair basic electrical problems.

Topical Outline

  • Electrical Circuits
    - Sources, Connections, Loads
    - Volts, Amperes, Power
  • Electrical Safety
    - Electric Shock
    - Conductors and Insulators
    - Grounding
    - Circuit Protections
    - Electrical Safe Work Practices
  • Electrical Equipment and Devices
    - Plant Incoming Power
    - Plant Power Distribution
    - Electric Motors
    - Motor Control Centers
    - Lighting Panels
  • Characteristics of Industrial Machinery
    - Conveyors
    - Processing
    - Pumps, Fans
  • Motor Control
    - Motor Starters
    - Motor Protection
    - Variable Speed Drives
  • Control of Industrial Machinery
    - Solenoids
    - Pilot Control Concepts
    - Control of Motors
    - Control of Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  • Programmable Controllers


There are no prerequisites for this course except the willingness to learn.

Course Length

24 hours


The successful completion of this course should enable the participant to work safely and effectively around electrical devices. The successful participant will be able to troubleshoot and locate faults in electrical controls. The course will have prepared the participant to solve many of the day to day electrical problems associated with running industrial equipment.