Root Cause Failure Analysis

Course Description

Root Cause Failure analysis definitions and tools will be presented. Insight into effective problem resolution will be gained. An in-depth focus on sequence of events and its application to cause and effect analysis support structured Root Cause Analysis.


  • Gain an understanding of terminology associated with Root Cause Analysis.
  • Define a problem and determine its significance.
  • Apply the principles of the Cause and Effect Analysis.
  • Solve a problem utilizing the structured RCA process.


  1. 1. Introduction
    • Purpose and benefits in applying Root Cause Analysis
  2. Key Terms and Definitions in Root Cause Analysis Process
    • Problem
      i. What?
      ii. When?
      iii. Where?
      iv. Significance
      v. Practice Exercise
  3. Problem Solving
    • i. 5W-2H (Is/Is Not)
    • ii. 5-Whys
    • iii. Practice Exercise
  4. Difference Between Cause and Root Cause
  5. Root Cause
    • a. Root Cause Analysis
      Practice Exercise
    • Corrective Action
      Practice Exercise
    • Sequence of Events
      Practice Exercise
  6. Cause and Effect Analysis
    • The Five Steps for Creating a Cause and Effect Chart
      i. Define the Problem
      ii. Ask “Why?”
      iii. Look for Causes
      iv. Connect Causes
      v. Support Causes with Evidence
      1. The role of Evidence
      2. Example of a Cause and Effect Chart
      3. Practice Exercise
  7. Possible Triggers for an RCA Investigation
  8. Customer Supplied RCA Exercise

Course Length

Instruction - 3 hours
Application – 4 hours addressing customer supplied problem

Class Size

Mininum: 3
Maximum: 20