Training Needs Assessments

Knowing the required knowledge and skill to perform the tasks of electrical and mechanical maintenance employees is essential to the development or selection of training programs to enhance their performance. Likewise, without knowing the knowledge and skills currently possessed by individual workers in their specialty area, effective training cannot be developed.

The purpose of a training needs assessment is to identify performance requirements or needs within an organization in order to direct resources to the areas of greatest need, i.e., those that closely relate to fulfilling the organization’s goals and objectives, improving productivity and providing quality products and services.

The assessment process consists of the following phases:

Phase 1: Identify the tasks required to be performed in order to meet the organization’s performance objectives. This phase is completed jointly by Charles Black & Associates, Inc and Subject Matter Experts from the client organization. This assures that the assessment material and all recommended training is relevant to the needs of the organization. This task list assures the validity of all assessment components and subsequent training.

Phase 2: Identify appropriate training content to meet performance objectives. The training can be identified from various resources; web-based, computer based, instructor led, local technical/vocational schools, or vendors.

Phase 3: Customize assessment materials; written tests and performance exercises.

Phase 4: Conduct Assessment: It is best that the assessment be conducted by a third party consisting of trained “certified” assessors. These assessors can be provided by Charles Black & Associates, Inc. or they can be internal personnel certified by Charles Black & Associates, Inc.

Phase 5: Charles Black & Associates, Inc meets with the Client to share assessment results and develop the most effective cost efficient strategy to meet the Organization’s develop needs. This may include developing internal coaches.

Phase 6: Develop Individual Training Plans – Each person assessed and their supervisor will be given a report showing their strengths as well as recommended developmental needs. It is recommended that the supervisor meets with the employee to discuss the training plan and next steps.

Phase 7: Implement Training Plans

Phase 8: Evaluate the effectiveness of the recommended training plans. This is accomplished by the client organization as well as Charles Black & Associates, Inc.

If the assessment model is adhered to, it can be used as a selection/promotion tool to be assured that people coming into your organization, or being promoted to a higher classification, have the desired skills and knowledge.

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