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Charles Black & Associates, Inc (CBA) is a performance improvement training and consulting company dedicated to helping our clients identify and address issues impacting individual and organization performance by providing high quality cost effective interventions.

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Our concept is to take the training to the client vs. scheduling training in large metropolitan areas and have the client come to the training. We schedule training events in smaller towns central to a large amount of small to medium size companies. This concept can save the client considerable travel costs which in some cases more than doubles the costs of the training.

Our training is instructed by professionals with industry experience and proven training skills. All training is highly hands-on using “real world” simulations when possible. All workshops use pre and post test evaluations to measure short term retention of the training participant. We also make available our “Training Impact Action Plan” for the client’s use in measuring long term retention and calculating their return on their training investment.

Training Needs Assessments

Knowing the required knowledge and skill to perform the tasks of electrical and mechanical maintenance employees is essential to the development or selection of training programs to enhance their performance. Likewise, without knowing the knowledge and skills currently possessed by individual workers in their specialty area, effective training cannot be developed. The place to start is a training needs assessment as it's a valuable tool for gaining this information.

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Procedures Development

Let Charles Black & Associates customize your Operator Training & Certification program.

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Other Services

As part of our diverse offerings, Charles Black & Associates, Inc. has resources to provide Safety & Health services to General Industry clients throughout the United States and Canada.

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